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Paspalum wettsteinii Grass seeds
Paspalum wettsteinii is one of the species in the genus Paspalum in the Poaceae family, cultivated in New Zealand and Australia. In 1974, it was introduced from Australia to China's Guangxi, Guangdong and other places for trial planting. It performed well and is suitable for establishing artificial grassland.

Originating in the tropical and subtropical regions of southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina, it was introduced into Australia and the United States in 1948. It was introduced into Guangxi, China in 1974 and has performed well in northern, Northwestern, central, southwestern and Western Guangxi. Planting has been widely promoted in the provinces south of the Yangtze River in China. Paspalum grandiflorum is fond of high temperature and rainy climate, fertile soil and good drainage. It can also grow on dry and barren red and yellow soil slopes.

Forage has high yield, early tolerance, grazing tolerance, extensive management, strong adaptability, easy seed production, high yield and good symbiosis with a variety of leguminous forages. It is one of the excellent forages for grassland improvement in tropical and subtropical areas.

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