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Aquilaria sinensis/Agarwood seeds 1kg

Item No.: T115
Germination rate:85%   
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Seed collection and seed treatment; generally in June to July, when the fruit turns from green to yellow and the shell is brown, the fruit branches are collected together. The collected fruit branches should be placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade and not exposed to the sun. After 2 to 3 days, the husks will crack and the seeds will come out on their own. It is best to sow seedlings in time. Otherwise, it should be properly stored in a ventilated, low-humidity place, but not more than 7 to 10 days.

Sowing seedlings should be drilled, broadcast and container cup breeding. Drilling method: Sow seeds at a row spacing of 15-20cm on the seedbed, spread the seeds evenly on the seedbed, then lightly press the seeds into the soil, cover with some straw after sowing, and drench with water to keep them moist. Seedlings of more than 1m in height can be planted in the nursery.

Sowing method: Sprinkle the seeds on the border, light the seeds with tools, then cover with straw and drench with water to keep moisture. After two weeks, when the seeds germinate, the straw can be lifted. When the seedling height is more than 1m, it can be planted out of the nursery.

The method of raising seedlings with containers: Shallow the soil in the nursery and put it into seedling utensils, and place them neatly with specifications. Each container cup plays a seed. If there is no natural shade, a shed should be erected to maintain 50% to 60% Transparency. 120,000 to 130,000 strong seedlings can be cultivated per mu. Seedling height of 10 ~ 30cm can be planted out of the garden. In order to improve the survival rate of transplanting seedlings, it is recommended to use container cups to raise seedlings. Seedling management: Agarwood seeds germinate quickly, and the unearthed seedlings are not drought tolerant. Depending on the soil moisture, water is sprayed once in the morning and evening to keep the soil moist. From May to August every year, weed once a month to prevent weeds from covering the seedlings.
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Usually we ship by fedex,dhl,ups or other safe special line door to door by small order weight no more than 10kg.
If your quantity is weight,we will send by air or sea.

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If you do not receive the products,we will return all money to you immediately.
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We can accept T/T,West Union,Paypal,money gram. or you can order directly in my shop.
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We can accept OEM package,pls show your design and how to pack your order
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Yes,we can accept mix order,you can choose the species you need and order directly in my shop.Or you can contact us and tell me what you need.So i can draw the order for you


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