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cyclamen seeds 100seeds/bag

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Germination rate:85%   
package:Small bags
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10 Piece(Min. Order)
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Cyclamen prefers warmth and is afraid of heat, and grows best in cool environments and fertile sandy loam rich in humus. It is more cold-resistant and can withstand the low temperature of 0 ℃ without freezing. Autumn to spring of the second year is the growing season. It is semi-dormant in summer. The suitable growth temperature in winter is between 12 and 16 °C. When promoting flowering, it should not exceed 18 to 22 °C. Plants above 0 °C will go dormant and above 35 °C. The plants are easily rotten and die, and can tolerate low temperature in winter, but below 5℃, the growth is slow, the flower color is dim, and the flowering is less. Supplementing carbon dioxide gas in winter can promote growth and flowering. During the growth period, it requires a humid and sunny environment.

Seed propagation is one of the commonly used methods of cyclamen propagation. The seeds of cyclamen can only be obtained after artificial pollination. The seeds generally mature in May and should be harvested in time. Cyclamen seeds are relatively large, with a thousand-grain weight of about 10g, and the general germination rate is 85% to 95%. In order to promote the germination of the seeds, soak the seeds before sowing to promote germination, soak the seeds in cold water for 24 hours or soak them in warm water at 30°C for 2~3 hours, then clean the adhesives on the surface of the seeds, wrap them in a damp cloth to promote germination, and keep the temperature at 25°C for 1~2 days. Can be removed for sowing. The sowing time is generally from September to October, and it can be sown in ordinary flowerpots.

The best sowing soil is sandy loam rich in humus, and it can be used after being sieved by a fine sieve. When sowing, put soil in the pot first, sprinkle water with a watering can, and after the water has completely penetrated, immediately sow the seeds into the pot at a distance of 1~1.5cm, cover with soil 0.5cm after sowing, and cover with glass or plastic film to keep moisture , placed in a semi-shady place at 20~22℃. When the potting soil is slightly dry, soak the potting method with water to keep the potting soil moist. Under normal circumstances, seedlings can emerge in about 20 days. When the seedling leaves are fully expanded, the first seedling transplant can be carried out. Ordinary flowerpots can still be used when transplanting seedlings. The pot soil is the same as the sowing soil. The distance between the seedlings is about 3cm. Immediately after transplanting, sprinkle water with a watering can. Always keep the pots moist. When the seedlings grow 3 leaves and the small bulbs grow to 5~6mm in diameter, they should be planted in pots in time. It can be transplanted directly in a small pot with a diameter of 9cm.

The basin soil is sieved and mixed to prepare: 20% humus, 20% garden soil, 50% fine yellow sand, and 10% decomposed manure powder. When transplanting, bring a small soil ball as much as possible, and make it level with the soil surface, sprinkle with water after transplanting, and place it in an indoor sunny place. After the seedlings resume growth, they should be watered and fertilized in time. It usually blooms in the winter of the second year.
How to delivery my seeds?
Usually we ship by fedex,dhl,ups or other safe special line door to door by small order weight no more than 10kg.
If your quantity is weight,we will send by air or sea.

What is your return policy?
If you do not receive the products,we will return all money to you immediately.
If the quality is poor,we will return all money to you immediately
Or we can send the new fresh seeds to you again free.
We just offer good quality seeds and good quality service.
And we want to do long-term business.
What payment terms you can accept?
We can accept T/T,West Union,Paypal,money gram. or you can order directly in my shop.
We also have a alibaba shop,and you can make payment in alibaba shop,but alibaba shop can not allow sell the plant seeds from 20th.August,2021.
So can not write the seeds name in alibaba shop.we need change plant name in alibaba shop.
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I want to design my package,can you accept?
We can accept OEM package,pls show your design and how to pack your order
Can i order mix with other products?
Yes,we can accept mix order,you can choose the species you need and order directly in my shop.Or you can contact us and tell me what you need.So i can draw the order for you


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