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Red lady papaya seeds 1kg

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Germination rate:85%   
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Papaya (scientific name: Carica papaya L.) is an evergreen soft woody tree of the papaya family and the papaya genus. Compared with genetically modified papaya, non-transgenic papaya has no competitiveness, [10] up to 10 meters high, with milk; Large leaves, clustered at the top of the stem, nearly shield-shaped, hollow petiole, flowers unisexual or bisexual, plants have male plants, male flowers: arranged in panicles, drooping; flowers are sessile; sepals are joined at the base; corolla creamy yellow, crown Tubular tube, female flower: solitary or arranged into corymbs, in the axils of implanted leaves, corolla lobes separated, creamy yellow or yellowish white, oblong or lanceolate, fleshy berries, orange or yellow when mature , Oblong spherical, obovate oblong spherical, pear-shaped or nearly spherical, the flesh is soft and juicy, and the taste is sweet; there are many seeds, ovoid, and the flowering and fruit period is all year round.
Native to tropical America. It has been widely cultivated in southern Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, southern Yunnan and other provinces and regions. It is widely planted in tropical and warmer subtropical regions of the world.
Papaya fruits can be matured as fruits, immature fruits can be cooked or pickled as vegetables, and can be processed into candied fruit, juice, jam, preserved fruit and canned food. The seeds can be squeezed oil. Both fruit and leaves can be used medicinally
How to delivery my seeds?
Usually we ship by fedex,dhl,ups or other safe special line door to door by small order weight no more than 10kg.
If your quantity is weight,we will send by air or sea.

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If you do not receive the products,we will return all money to you immediately.
If the quality is poor,we will return all money to you immediately
Or we can send the new fresh seeds to you again free.
We just offer good quality seeds and good quality service.
And we want to do long-term business.
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We can accept T/T,West Union,Paypal,money gram. or you can order directly in my shop.
We also have a alibaba shop,and you can make payment in alibaba shop,but alibaba shop can not allow sell the plant seeds from 20th.August,2021.
So can not write the seeds name in alibaba shop.we need change plant name in alibaba shop.
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I want to design my package,can you accept?
We can accept OEM package,pls show your design and how to pack your order
Can i order mix with other products?
Yes,we can accept mix order,you can choose the species you need and order directly in my shop.Or you can contact us and tell me what you need.So i can draw the order for you


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