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Stevia seeds 1kg

Item No.: 02330
Germination rate:85%   
package:Small bags
$680.00 - $750.00
/ Piece
1 Piece(Min. Order)
1-4 Pieces $750.00
5-9 Pieces $730.00
10-24 Pieces $700.00
>=25 Pieces $690.00
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Stevia likes to grow in a warm and humid environment, but it can also tolerate a low temperature of -5°C, and the temperature of 20-30°C is the most suitable for stem and leaf growth. Stevia is a short-day plant that is highly sensitive to light. The critical day length is 12 hours, especially in the growing period, but avoid stains. Stevia has a shallow root system and poor drought resistance. Strong short days. Stevia is a short-day plant that is sensitive to light and has an optimal growth period of 100-120 days.

In the production of seed reproduction, the method of sowing seedlings and then transplanting and planting is often used. The southern provinces of China usually use flat border sowing to raise seedlings, while in the north, hotbeds are often used to raise seedlings. The sowing period on the south bank of the Yangtze River is suitable for 10-11 months. The seedlings overwinter in the nursery border, and can be transplanted to the field for cultivation in the middle and late March of the following year. In the north, seedlings are generally sown in greenhouses or hotbeds in 24 months. In order to spread the seeds evenly, the seeds can be mixed with fine sand and rubbed before sowing, then soaked in warm water for 10-12 hours, and then mixed with a small amount of grass. After sowing, gently press the seeds with a wooden board to make them contact with the soil, and then spray water on the bed surface once with a sprayer to keep the bed moist and improve the emergence rate. The temperature and humidity are suitable, and it can germinate and unearth 7-10 days after sowing. Seeding rate: 500 grams per 100 square meters of seedbed, and the actual number of strong seedlings cultivated is 200,000-250,000, which is enough for planting 12-15 mu of land. Generally, 8,000-9,000 seedlings are planted per acre, and the dense planting can reach 10,000-12,000.
How to delivery my seeds?
Usually we ship by fedex,dhl,ups or other safe special line door to door by small order weight no more than 10kg.
If your quantity is weight,we will send by air or sea.

What is your return policy?
If you do not receive the products,we will return all money to you immediately.
If the quality is poor,we will return all money to you immediately
Or we can send the new fresh seeds to you again free.
We just offer good quality seeds and good quality service.
And we want to do long-term business.
What payment terms you can accept?
We can accept T/T,West Union,Paypal,money gram. or you can order directly in my shop.
We also have a alibaba shop,and you can make payment in alibaba shop,but alibaba shop can not allow sell the plant seeds from 20th.August,2021.
So can not write the seeds name in alibaba shop.we need change plant name in alibaba shop.
My alibaba

I want to design my package,can you accept?
We can accept OEM package,pls show your design and how to pack your order
Can i order mix with other products?
Yes,we can accept mix order,you can choose the species you need and order directly in my shop.Or you can contact us and tell me what you need.So i can draw the order for you


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